About Condamine

Condamine is a small town in Queensland, Australia, located 34 kilometres from Miles and 125km west of Dalby. At the 2006 census, Condamine had a population of 373. Condamine is claimed to be the location of the invention of the ‘Condamine Bell’, a small bell made from sheet metal used to locate herds of cattle.

Condamine is serviced by Bullocky’s Rest Motel, the world famous Condy Pub and an old style classic truckers roadhouse.

The Roma to Brisbane gas pipeline passes to the south of Condamine. There are two gas compression facilities to the east of Condamine. This location is the intersection of the Roma to Brisbane pipeline, the Peat/Scotia Lateral and the Braemar Line Pack Pipeline.

The Condamine River passes to the west of the town. On 30 December 2010, flooding forced evacuation of the town, with the level of the river expected to exceed 15 metres. The town was evacuated twice in 10 days during January 2011 as the rains continued and caused flash floods.